Plan to plan: Race One Recap

My first race of 2018 was the 5k at MEC Race One. This event is held in Point Pleasant Park and features a 5k and 10k option. I’ve raced the 5k the previous two years. This year and last, the original race date was cancelled due to weather conditions and both were rescheduled from early January to the last weekend in January. Continue reading “Plan to plan: Race One Recap”


First trail race — f**in’ (Flyin’) Nutz

Sanne, Daan, me and Stacey

I’ll start with this… after finishing, my first words were to fellow runner Steve. “That was the hardest f***ing race I’ve ever done!” Continue reading “First trail race — f**in’ (Flyin’) Nutz”

I guess there’s Mo runnin’ to do

Co-organized by my friend Ian, the Halifax Movember Run is a 6 km race in Point Pleasant Park and a fund-raiser for the Movember Foundation in support of men’s health. Ian and co-organizer Mike always seem to get lots of donations and manage to keep costs down, meaning nearly all the registration fees go to the Movember cause.  It includes a canicross option, which is cool, but with costumes encouraged, it’s not an event to take too seriously… just show up and have some fun and enjoy some laughs with friends and Java Blend coffee at the finish! This was my third year in a row running it. Several BLT Runners came out in support of this great event. Continue reading “I guess there’s Mo runnin’ to do”

Moncton Milestone

In the lead pack right off the start.

My first half marathon was in 2003 then took a 9-year break. But since 2012 I’ve done at least one per year, and for the last 3 years I’ve done two per year.  Before 2016, my results were generally the same (in the 1:40-1:50s).  But in 2016 I started to figure out how to optimize my training, and from there my times have dropped. Continue reading “Moncton Milestone”

When your very best results don’t feel good enough

At the start of the Sunrise 5k at Maritime Race Weekend

Running this September has brought mixed feelings.  This year I’ve raced less than I did in 2016, but September was a heavy racing month, with me participating in 3 events: Maritime Race Weekend (5k), MEC Race Four (10k), then Rum Runners Relay (leg 10 – 10.9k). Continue reading “When your very best results don’t feel good enough”

Miles ahead of the past

2017-08-06 09.45.19
Four of five founding BLT Runners members at the finish: me, Scott, Tom and Ian.

The Macpass Miles event is one I’ve enjoyed in the past so I can honestly say I missed it while it was cancelled during the Big Lift project where decking was replaced on the Macdonald bridge.  I remember in 2015 there was a short lived announcement about how the run would be re-routed temporarily to a land-based course during bridge work to sustain its annual presence. Though soon after, the organizers came to the realization the best option was to cancel the event all together. After a two years of bridge decking upgrades, this event returned in 2017. Continue reading “Miles ahead of the past”