Miles ahead of the past

2017-08-06 09.45.19
Four of five founding BLT Runners members at the finish: me, Scott, Tom and Ian.

The Macpass Miles event is one I’ve enjoyed in the past so I can honestly say I missed it while it was cancelled during the Big Lift project where decking was replaced on the Macdonald bridge.  I remember in 2015 there was a short lived announcement about how the run would be re-routed temporarily to a land-based course during bridge work to sustain its annual presence. Though soon after, the organizers came to the realization the best option was to cancel the event all together. After a two years of bridge decking upgrades, this event returned in 2017. Continue reading “Miles ahead of the past”

5th Bluenose, 1st Fulfillment

Waving to spectators for more cheers!

Being honest I have mixed feelings about Bluenose Race Weekend. It is by far the largest running event in our region by participation. It is fun to partake in the festivities, either as a participant or a spectator. The volunteer support and logistics have always been excellent, the corporate involvement is always strong, and the overall energy is great. Continue reading “5th Bluenose, 1st Fulfillment”

Moose Run 2017

Sporting the Moose Run hat that was given out to the first 225 registrants
On March 19, I took part in the 25th running of the Moose Run, a 25km race that starts at the Buffalo Club in Cow Bay. This was my second year participating. My first Moose Run was in 2016. The name comes from the well-known large moose statue situated on Cow Bay Road, part of the race course. Continue reading “Moose Run 2017”

My ’17 race one: MEC Race One

Superman pose – representin’ the BLT Runners!

January 29, 2017 marked the start of my racing season with MEC Race One in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. This event is one of five races on the MEC Race Series. I’ve really come to enjoy the series.  Races are inexpensive ($15 to register for a race), are well organized, chip timed, well attended, and are lots of fun.  Race One offers two distances, the 5k and 10k.  As I did last year, I raced in the 5k. Continue reading “My ’17 race one: MEC Race One”